The second season of archaeological excavation at Vetricella (Scarlino,GR)

(Fig.1) Cleaning of the excavation area

On  September the 4th,2017, the excavation in Vetricella site has officially started. This second excavation campaign, funded by the nEU-Med project fundings, will be run under the supervision of Prof. Giovanna Bianchi, Prof. Richard Hodges and coordinated by Dr. Lorenzo Marasco for a period of two months (September and October) and will involve the project Team together with archaeology students coming from all over Italy.

During the first week, the work of archaeologists was focused on cleanings of the inner area of the excavation site (Fig.1).

Thanks to the diggers, it was also possible to open new sectors between the first and the second moat and also a zone in a south part of the site (Fig.2).

(Fig.2) Thanks to the digger, new sectors are opened

The objectives for first month are:

  • To Investigate on the living levels contemporary to structure of the tower, focusing on the phase previous to the installation of the moats (dated to the 9 century).
  • To dig the inside of the tower.
  • To investigate on the sectors between the first and the second moat (already identified in the previous campaign), to identify possible productive activities (Fig.3).

Lastly, to open a new excavation sectors to further investigate on the access area of the medieval site of Vetricella.