Geomorphological and archaeobotanical survey at Castiglion Bernardi and along the Corniaccia torrent

Wednesday October 4th members of the nEU-Med Team went on a geomorphological and archaeobotanic survey on the agricultural terracing of Castiglion Bernardi (Monterotondo Marittimo,GR) (Fig.1).

With the aim to individuate the typologies of the different soils and the stratification of the terracing. Core samples will be taken to better understand if the formation of the terraces is natural or if these have been created ex-novo (Fig.2).

(Fig.1) Investigation in Castiglion Bernardi
(Fig.2)  The terraces








Friday October 13th the levels behind the walls of the agricoltural terraces were reached and archaeobotanists and geoarchaeologists from the team took pedo-anthracological and micro-morphological samples (Fig.3).

(Fig.3) Micro-morphological sampling

Thursday October 5th a geomorphological and archaeobotanic survey in the proximity of the Corniaccia torrent (Comune di Piombino,LI) took place (Fig.4).

Thanks to hydraulic works made for the creation of water basins  for the irrigation of the nearby fields, the nEU-Med Team completed a number of stratigraphic analysis in an attempt to characterize the sedimentary facies in order to individuate the original riverbed (Fig.5).

Samples of charcoal were taken where evidences of combustion were individuated within the stratigraphy.

(Fig.4) The area object of investigation
(Fig.5) Individuation of the original riverbed