Origins of a new economic union (7th-12th centuries). Preliminary results of the nEU-Med project: October 2015-March 2017

Giovanna Bianchi (edited by), Richard Hodges (edited by)

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This volume brings together the research presented at the first nEU-Med workshop, held in Siena on 11-12 April, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to draw up an initial survey of research and related work on the project, one and a half years after its inception. The project is composed of several research units. Each unit covers an aspect of the interdisciplinary research underpinning the nEU-Med project, each with their own methodology. For this first volume of results, it was decided not to give an account of all the work carried out within all the units, but to select those lines of investigation which, at the end of the first year and a half, have made it possible to articulate and develop an interdisciplinary research strategy.


  • Introduction, Giovanna Bianchi, Richard Hodges
  • Towards a new Mediterranean narrative for Early Medieval Tuscany, Richard Hodges
  • Changing landscapes in the Colline Metallifere (Southern Tuscany, Italy): early medieval palaeohydrology and land management along the Pecora river valley, Pierluigi Pieruccini, Mauro Paolo Buonincontri, Davide Susini, Carmine Lubritto, Gaetano Di Pasquale
  • Investigations at Carlappiano: new archaeological findings in anthropic and natural landscapes, Luisa Dallai with contributions by Andrea Bardi, Arianna Briano, Mauro Paolo Buonincontri, Mirko Buono, Luisa Dallai, Gaetano Di Pasquale, Stefania Fineschi, Giulio Poggi, Elisabetta Ponta, Marta Rossi, Luisa Russo, Vanessa Volpi
  • Investigations at Vetricella: new archaeological findings in anthropic and natural landscapes, Lorenzo Marasco with contributions by Arianna Briano, Simon Greenslade, Sarah Leppard, Carmine Lubritto, Paola Ricci
  • Long-distance ceramic connections: Portus Scabris (Portiglioni-GR), coastal Tuscany and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Emanuele Vaccaro
  • Pottery circulation and wares in the rural world: the Colline Metallifere and south-eastern Tuscany in the Early Medieval period, Arianna Briano, Cristina Fornacelli, Elisabetta Ponta, Luisa Russo
  • The power of the gift. Early Medieval Lucca and its court, Paolo Tomei
  • Metals and coinage in Medieval Tuscany: the Colline Metallifere, Marco Benvenuti, Laura Chiarantini, Cristina Cicali, Alessandro Donati, Alessia Rovelli,
  • Igor Villa, Vanessa Volpi
    Public estates and economic strategies in Early Medieval Tuscany: towards a new interpretation, Giovanna Bianchi, Simone M. Collavini