The study of the glass finds from the site of Vetricella

During the excavation campaigns of the site of Vetricella, glass finds of considerable importance were found. The total number of fragments found is 168.

In addition to the traditional tableware such as cups, glasses and bottles, a small number of ampoules and lamps, traditionally used as liturgical objects used within ecclesiastic buildings, were also found.

The most particular objects, however, are typified by blue glass cups with white appliques and a large number of chalices with both smooth and twisted stems (Fig.1).

The analysis of the finds will continue with the study of the chemical components of glass, in collaboration with Dr. Bernard Gratuze IRAMAT-CEB, CNRS (France).

Thanks also to this research, interesting considerations have emerged on the social extraction of the inhabitants of Vetricella and on the different functional connotations of the environments. Moreover, the bibliographic comparisons of the finds has allowed to place the site in a network of European contacts, including commercial ones.