The ongoing investigation in the new archaeological excavation campaign at Vetricella

During the first weeks of activity on field at the site of Vetricella (Scarlino,GR), two new exploratory trenches were opened to investigate the deposits related to the phases of construction, life and decommissioning of the inner defensive ditch (Fig.1).



This background was considered as extremely interesting since, the previous excavations, for understanding the dynamics of life that had to take place both in the inner area, nearby the tower, and in the section directly outside the ditch itself. To date, the investigation, allowed us to identify some significant interventions of modification and arrangement related to the phases of life of the second half of the 10th and early 11th century.

During the remaining weeks of excavation, the program expected to go on with the removal of the stratigraphy filling the ditch and with the exploration of the external area (where in the previous excavation campaign have emerged interesting evidences of activities related to the first life period of the archaeological site).