Soil Micromorphology sampling and investigations at Vetricella and Carlappiano sites

Soil micromorphology is a branch of Earth Science that uses microscopic techiques for the analysis of the microstructure and the micro nature of the components of sediments and soils. In archaeology, micromorphology is a powerful tool, providing important information either for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction or for site formation/frequentation and abandonement  processes (both guided by natural or anthropic factors).

In Vetricella (Scarlino) and Carlappiano(Piombino), micromorphological analysis has just started, collecting undisturbed sediment and soil samples from the archaeological successions for thin section observation (Fig.1-2). This study should then determine  and understand the nature of the antrophic and natural layers, and their relationships with the physical landscape at the surroundings of the two archaeological sites.

(Fig.2) Soil Micomorphology sampling using Kubiena boxes in order to get undisturbed samples
(Fig.1) Soil Micromorphology sampling