The numismatic research

Under the nEU-Med project, the indexing of the numismatic finds from the two archaeological excavations of Vetricella and Carlappiano has been completed, while we are still awaiting the results of the latest metallographic analyses; these will allow for the measurement … Read More

Archaeometallurgy at Vetricella

Several samples of metallurgical slags and some metallic fragments have been found during the last excavation campaignat Vetricella (Scarlino). The analysis of these materials (metallography, chemistry and mineralogy) can help to define what type of metal production/working was conducted in … Read More

Discovering the use of wood resources and the exploitation of the forest landscape: archaeobotanical analysis between the Colline Metallifere and the plain of the river Pecora

The team of the Laboratory of Vegetation History and Wood Anatomy (Department of Agriculture Sciences, University of Naples “Federico II”) is carrying out the first anthracological analyses, focusing on the archaeological and soil samples from the archaeological site of Cugnano and … Read More

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